My Psychotherapy Practice

Research tells us that the therapeutic relationship and clinical skill are

the fundamental agents of change.


Psychotherapy for couples and individuals

My approach is experiential with a strong focus 

on emotion.  My background includes extensive training

in psychoanalysis, EMDR, and more recently and primarily,

Intensive Short Term  Dynamic Therapy (ISTDP), 

a challenging and precise approach to promoting

deep psychological change. 

More active than traditional psychodynamic therapists,

I take a direct and immediate stance, but one that is 

also compassionate and collaborative.

To begin, we will meet for a Trial Therapy, an extended 

consultation that will give you a here-and-now experience of

my work as a psychotherapist. From our very first meeting,

our goals will be:

• Clarifying your emotional concerns,

• Honing in on self-defeating behaviors

• Overcoming emotional blocks.


By the end of the Trial Therapy, you will know whether ISTDP 

best suits your needs and we are a comfortable match. 

After the initial consultation, we will

then meet weekly for a 55-minute session.    


Fees & Payment

• Average cost for a session is $200 with some potential to slide. 

• Out-of-network (OON) and PPO insurance accepted

• I can also provide you with documentation for reimbursement

• Accepted Payment Methods: Cash, Check, Credit Cards, & Venmo



T: 781-648-2256